Our mission is to create the finest seasonings and sauces on the market. Food brings people together and is in almost every culture the foundation for pleasurable and memorable interactions between family and friends.

We strive to be the best so we're always interested in hearing what our customers think, whether it be in the form of accolades or suggestions on how we can be better.

Here is some of the feedback we've received over the years, and we'd love to hear from you too!

This is seriously the best hot sauce I’ve ever had.

    - Zack Cameron, Hollywood, MD

Ready to fry oysters using T-Rev's Chesapeake Bay Mix. #bestever

    - Linda Mattingly, Leonardtown, MD

We made the Chesapeake Bay Mix steamed shrimp. They are awesome!!

    - Jae Pfeffer, Austin, TX

This is by far the best chili I’ve ever had.

    - Lisa Phillips, Huntingtown, MD

I haven’t written them down yet, but I’ve got about five seafood recipes that this stuff (editor's note: the chili mix) is just great in.

    - Rob Plant, Chef/Owner, Elements, Lexington Park, MD

This is quite good.

    - Another one from Rob Plant as he tasted our HotHead Hot Sauce for the first time. If you know Rob, you know this is some high praise.

I recently bought your chili mix and LOVE IT! I also sent it on to my family in Western NY (they loved it, too!).

    - James Fisher, Chesapeake, VA

In my catering business, we strive to keep the unique flavor of a traditional seafood seasoning without copying every other restaurant in town. T-Rev’s Bay Mix brings great heat and flavor to our dishes. We enjoy the all-natural product and the decreased amounts of salt. We are able to extend the usage of the product using less of it while achieving the same results. I recommend the whole line of T-Rev’s Original products! 

    - Melissa Rivera, Lexington Park, MD

Trevor has got some of the best seasoning mixes you can find. The chili spice mix makes a great pot of chili and is pretty awesome on your eggs in the morning also. His seafood seasoning can't be beat -- less salt than the other big names and it's not trying to be a knock-off. It's different and delicious.

    - Jane Burke, La Plata, MD

You are doing your work from a place of love. You are giving gifts to people in ways you probably don't realize. We are more confident and less self-conscious because of the Loob. I don't take 3 showers a day anymore because I feel like I smell (eco-friendly Ithacans approve!). We invite friends over to experience smoked meat rubbed with Adobo, and bring Chili mix to friends as gifts. We laugh and smile and connect with those around us and T-Rev's is right there for it all. Don't ever underestimate your efforts ❤ You make and sell stuff, sure -- but you foster smiles, love, togetherness, confidence, laughter and full, healthy bellies. Though you're one guy whipping things up in his kitchen, you're whipping up much more than you realize in the homes of those you touch.

I swear I'm not high.

Oh, and you're probably saving people from cancer. Let's not forget that small detail. 😉

The world needs more Trevors.

That is all.
   - Melissa Schillinger, Ithaca, NY